Why Us

Why Us The Himalaya Trekking Company

At The Himalaya Trekking Company; we believe in Teamwork, Quality service, Environment friendly, Socially responsible, Safety focused & Reasonable costing !

Ever since it’s inception a decade ago; The Himalaya Trekking Company is continuously operating the top notch unique & authentic adventure holidays along the mountains of Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet. A team of young & dynamic industry experts having years of adventure travel experience are leading the company & strive to give you the best beyond your expectation.

As an adventure holiday operator, we acknowledge that each of our guests are unique, with their own tastes and interests. We give special attention to understand your requirements & assist to choose the proper trips and organize exactly what you aspire for. Each of our program & itineraries are carefully designed after gathering firsthand knowledge balancing time with activities in proper order. We dedicate our time to get updated of the remote area where we organize our trips and maintain the real-time information. Sometime; it is bit tough to organize the trips specially on the isolated areas, but with our due updates & willingness to serve better; we have overcome with all odds and make the trip a best & most memorable experience for the lifetime.

The Himalaya Trekking Company is a reputed, efficient & trustworthy local adventure & soft holiday operator based in Kathmandu Nepal. Apart from Trekking & Adventures, we offer various aspects of holiday themes such as Family Holiday, Cultural Trips, Jungle Safari, Rafting or water sports, MICE and special interest tours on demand. We never claim our-self as a biggest organization as many other love to speak as such. But we set our-self as an reliable company, know her responsibility, put the client’s satisfaction always on priority and organize the details professionally with personal touch. As a locally promoted company & involved all local experts; we can say that we know the region better. Every single penny you spent through us will go to the hand of local people which will ultimately support to lift the rural economy. So, doing the trips with local company like us, the trip cost will be much reasonable & all the money will get on the hand of needy locals. While doing with large international company, they will keep big margin back home, even-though you are paying them many folds. We always pay full attention to balance quality service verses good price to make our trips great value of your money.

We humbly suggest to look no further, but talk with our local expert & start planning your upcoming Holiday with full of confidence & high spirit as high as the Himalayas !!!