COVID- 19 effects: Dream Now- Travel Soon !

COVID- 19 effects: Dream Now- Travel Soon ! The Himalaya Trekking Company
By Himalaya Trekking
Apr 20, 2020


Corona Virus (COVID- 19) is spreading all over the world taking life of more than 165,000 and infecting more than 24,00,000 people as of midday 20 April 2020. This deadly virus which was believed to be originated from Wuhan city of Hubei province of China from late December 2019. It took thousands of human life and infected thousands of others in China before spreading other countries. The majority of deaths & infected cases was in Hubei province within China in the initial stage. China battled so hard for more than two and half months before taking the growth rate in control. At this hour the number of death & infected cases is slowing in good pace.

But unfortunately; other countries such as USA, Italy, South Korea, Spain and majority of European countries are severely hit by this global pandemic now a days. USA leading the number of death than other country in the world. The whole of Europe in under lock-down situation but sign of control is still vanished on the horizon.

Nepal’s immediate neighbor India also detected thousands of positive cases and couple of hundreds deaths has also take place recently. However; rate of increment in India is not as like in Europe and America so far.  Even though, both of our billion plus populated neighbors are heavily suffered by this pandemic, Nepal has just around 30 cases recorded. Most of the cases are detected over the passenger traveling from India, China & Europe. Out of as many cases, four has already cured & back to his normal life and others are under treatment with due protocol of WHO.

Tourism is major industry for Nepal creating hundreds of thousands of job and earning much needed foreign currency. Tourism sector is the first to hammer by this global pandemic. Nepal’s major source market such as China, India, Europe, East Asia & America are badly hit by COVID- 19. Government of Nepal has taken some precaution steps to stop the spread of pandemic by stopping international flight, stop issuing on arrival visa and closing it’s border with both neighbor. Due to all these development around the global, tourism industry still to suffer a lot and will takes months if not years to revive in Nepal. Thousands of workforce will lost their job, employees will goes bankrupt, suppliers will strands dry hand and ultimately, banks and financial sector will hit sooner or later. Most of the tourism revenue in Nepal goes directly to the rural community. Every year thousands of traveler visit hills, mountain and rural areas and of course they spend good amount of money locally. The rural residents are also the looser of their lively hood. In conclusion; this deadly pandemic has multi dimensional effects in a country like Nepal. Where Tourism considered as major foreign currency resource sector and any prolonged effects on it will create big financial crisis deep through the rural area.

Looking at this difficult situation; The Himalaya Trekking Company has suspended all it’s operations since a week as per the circulation of the government of Nepal. We are well aware of health of our valued clients & put their safety and well being on top. Now, we are focused on facilitate our client’s way back home. Our staffs are working hard to find the convenient routes and rearranging the flight of our renaming clients. We are seeing them off with very heavy heart and truly looking forward to see them back in near future. Hope this hard time will pass soon and we can again welcome you all in the land of natural wonders and cultural significance. Dream Now- Travel Soon ! 

[Ever since; the world is fighting against this global pandemic; traveling is not a realistic job at the moment. The Himalaya Trekking Company will be pleased to organize memorable Holidays and Adventure trips to Nepal & beyond following top class safety protocol once this pandemic come to an end very soon.]

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