Travel Alerts !

Travel Alerts ! The Himalaya Trekking Company

We have some safety and precautionary alerts for the traveler’s before you book trips with any travel/ adventure companies in Nepal:

Many traveler who had visited Nepal faced various problems during their trip in the recent past, as they had booked their trip with a non-registered or illegal companies. Any travel company in Nepal needs a valid license from various governing bodies like Office of Company registrar, Permanent Account No. (PAN) or VAT, Department of Tourism Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, Trekkers Association in Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, etc. before providing any tourism related services to the customers. In case, if you book your trip with any fake companies, you may face problems like difficulty in obtaining permit, committed services and taking any regulatory action in need. Therefore, here are some safety alerts that you should be clear of before you book trip with any travel company.

√ Is the company legally registered with necessary government agencies ?

√ Has it obtained a valid license from the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal 

√ Has it fulfilled its obligation to government ? Has the company obtained tax clearance certificate ?

√ Has it obtained proper license from the central bank to conduct transactions in foreign exchange ?

√ Does the company has full covering field staff insurance policy ?

√ Is the company environment friendly ?


For any clarification on this matter, you can view our registration documents, license and permissions in our website. We are committed to perform all our operations in a responsible way with true and fair nature towards the guidance of the regulatory government bodies…